Dear Job Seeker,

I know how frustrating it can be in finding that “next great thing” for you. You’re going through the motions, sending out resumes, reaching out to friends, colleagues, acquaintances, looking for any kind of lead — that tiny little glimpse of a light at the end of that long and dark tunnel. That little light is out there, but you might not be able to see it because you’re squinting with disdain and your eyebrows are all furrowed.

You’re probably downtrodden, disheartened, discouraged and more than likely, at some point, downright mad. Don’t be. If you didn’t get an email or a call after you sent in your resume, followed up, interviewed, whatever, on that job that you knew fit you to a T, then it wasn’t meant to be. Call it fate, call it destiny, call it your resume got stuck in someone’s spam folder or they just didn’t like you. It wasn’t meant to be. Stick your chest out and move on.

And do it with a smile.

For me, attitude and enthusiasm plays just as an important role in my hiring decision as knowledge and experience. For the past 2 weeks my number one goal has been to find a rockstar of a Project Manager. I’ve met with some really great and qualified candidates, but the resounding and missing ingredient has been enthusiasm. I know that three recent candidates with whom I spoke really wanted the job, but they just fell short in conveying the, “I really want this job!” attitude.

I’m sure nerves play a large part in conveying that enthusiasms because, let’s face it, guards are up in the interview process. We all have that tendency to be stern, straight-faced and “professional,” especially when our livelihood is on the line. Let that guard down a little and let your happy, enthusiastic and human side shine though.

And here’s the easiest and most effective strategy in conveying your excitement about a job: just ask for it. If the buy signs are all there, ask for the sale! Strike while the iron’s hot!

“I’ve done x, y & z at my last 2 jobs. This job sounds perfectly in line with where I want to go in my professional development and I think I’d be a huge asset to your team because of my abilities to solve the problems you’ve outlined for me. I can’t put into words how excited I am about this opportunity. Can I have the job?”

You may or may not get a yes or no right then and there, but you’ve told me you can do the job, you’re really excited about the opportunity, it’s where you want to be, and you asked me for the job.

You just went straight to the top of the list.