I’ve been a long-time advocate of hosting my own videos on my various websites, which is in-line with my general “owning your own content” mantra. You never know, YouTube and Vimeo may just up and disappear one day. And that’s fine if you have local copies of your precious videos.

I don’t remember why, but many years back I researched and decided to convert all of my videos to Flash before posting them in blog posts. And I fell in love with Techspansion’s VisualHub. It was inexpensive, quick, simple, and it did exactly what I needed it to do in that it took the .mov or .mp4 files that I would export from iMovie and convert them to .flv files. And it did the conversion crazy-fast!

When OS X Lion came out, VisualHub stopped working. 🙁 Even though they’d stopped supporting VisualHub all-together, Techspansion was awesome enough to offer an update for Lion. And it worked for a short period of time.

It’d been two months since I last posted a video on one of my websites. Last night I had a video of our unborn baby kicking his or her older sister, and I really wanted to post it on Janicek.com for the grandparents to see. I fired up VisualHub and was immediately greeted with a “Download Extras” screen. I thought I needed to update VisualHub again. I manually installed the updates only to be greeted with this error when I tried to convert my video:

Apple Script Error
Cant get text item 1 of “”. (-1728)

So I decided it was time to move on. VisualHub had been nice to me over the years, but it was time to find a new solution. After some quick Googling, I found iSkysoft’s Video Converter for OS X. For $35, you can’t really beat it. It’s simple, intuitive and quick, just like VisualHub once was.  It allows me to take my .mov and .mp4 files that I export from iMovie and easily convert them to .flv files to play on my websites. iSkysoft Video Converter for Mac lets you easily convert videos, movies and TV shows to optimized preset formats to fit iPad, iPod (iPod touch 4), iPhone (iPhone 4S) and other devices. It also lets you onvert video to and from a vast array of video formats including AVI, WMV, MPG, and MOV. Video Converter for Mac is compatible with Mac OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion!